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Kilmulis design

A creative studio specialising in amazing and
original designs for classical musicians.







About us

Kilmulis specializes in visual designs for classical music and musicians. Our goal is to interpret the sound identity of musicians, creating for them a unique and personal visual identity. Our designs can have the same effect visually as the music; they can inspire, evoke, attract the eye and stir the emotions. At Kilmulis Design we believe that working personally with our clients will enrich the visual connection with music and enable it to create a more important and powerful role in all of our lives.


Video clip from Kilmulis studio production for Janusz Wawrowski, PHOENIX – The story of lost-in-war Violin Concerto by Ludomir Różycki, has been nominated for the prestigious OPUS Klassik award 2021 in category video clip of the year.

“We believe true design is
about deeply understanding
the unique personality
of each client.”

Our Services

For each of the services we provide, we understand the goal that classical musicians are seeking to achieve.

Branding Branding
Graphic design Graphic design
Website design Website design
Content production Content production

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